Trained and certified truck drivers create safer roads

As many as 9,969 South Africans lost their lives on South Africa’s roads in 2020, according to latest Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) figures, translating to an alarming average of over 27 road-related deaths every day. As traffic volumes continue to increase with eased lockdown restrictions, these fatalities are likely to skyrocket again – unless companies and professional drivers play their part by investing in better driver training, warns Innovative Learning Solutions (ILS) Managing Director, Arnoux Maré.

“Safer roads begin with trained drivers. Even the most effective road safety designs, such as speed limits and traffic calming circles, can only deliver results within the ambit of motorists’ behaviour. It is therefore crucial that companies and professional drivers ensure that they are equipped to handle the various demands and perils of navigating South African roads,” he says. 

Significantly, an increasing proportion of accidents are the result of human error as opposed to environmental or vehicular factors. Notably, RTMC statistics reveal that human factors were responsible for 73.6% of all fatal crashes in 2014, before steadily rising to 85.6% in 2020, pointing to the need for urgent intervention and expert training in curbing the number of fatal crashes.

In its National Road Safety Strategy 2016 – 2030, the Department of Transport therefore notes, “The current K-53 system being taught to new drivers is deemed outdated and an improved solution must be developed cognisant of the changes due to modernity, and responsive to producing better drivers.”

“This is where companies should be leading by example, by investing in their drivers’ training and skills development to safeguard their assets and to prevent loss of life. Additionally, if independent operators are not supported by large organisations, truck, bus and taxi drivers need to take pride in their work by investing in their own training as part of their professional development,” notes Maré.

“Every motorist is responsible for contributing towards safer roads but for professional drivers, it is also paramount that they understand how to get the best out of their vehicle, and can ensure the safe and timely delivery of their cargo while mitigating road accidents. This mammoth task is attained through abiding by the law and the consistent application of training.”

Seeking to address companies’ need for professional drivers, Innovative Learning Solutions offers drivers professional training and testing in accordance with international best practices. Africa’s largest truck driver training centre, provides truck, bus and taxi drivers with an expert CODE 10 and 14 training and assessment programmes that empower and equip these drivers with the necessary skills to mitigate road accidents, and drastically improve their reliability and productivity.

“The result is a win-win for businesses, professional drivers, and other road users. Businesses receive the reassurance that their goods are being transported by competent, skilled drivers; drivers are better able to look after their own safety, as well as that of other motorists, their assets and their cargo; and everyone can enjoy the benefit of safer roads with fewer accidents,” concludes Maré.

Press release was issued by PR Worx ( on behalf of ILS, for more information contact us on +27 11 896 1818.

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