Terms and Conditions

Please read this information carefully.

1. Correct Information

Please ensure the information provided is accurate. If any of the information provided is incorrect, Innovative Learning Solutions reserves the right to reject your application or cancel your registration immediately.

Certification will refiect the identification provided to us, eg. Identity Document. Should you not provide Innovative Learning Solutions with a copy of your Identity Document, you will not be permitted to register for any of its programmes. Neither will any certification be issued to you.

2. Confidentiality

We agree to keep the information you have given in this form and any other information about you that we receive from third parties confidential.

3. Innovative Learning Solutions’ Liability

The limits of our responsibility.

These limit your ability to claim for any harm to you; your property or the loss of property while you are: on Innovative Learning Solutions property;

participating in an activity relating to your studies or training; using any of our premises, buildings, equipmen,t or facilities; or

If you do not understand these terms, please ask for an explanation.

Innovative Learning Solutions is responsible to ensure that its property, facilities, and equipment are safe and that you are given proper instructions or warnings for their use.

If Innovative Learning Solutions does not meet these requirements, it is responsible for harm caused to you or your property, or the loss of your property. In legal terms, the Innovative Learning Solutions is liable if your claim falls within section 61 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.

Aside from the responsibility referred to in this paragraph, Innovative Learning Solutions will not be responsible for any harm to you or your property (including any damages fiowing from the harm and all claims by dependents).

4. Responsibilities of the Learner

Pre-Requisites for Registration

The learner is responsible for required to meet the pre-requisites for programmes offered by Innovative Learning Solutions.

The learner hereby accepts that Innovative Learning Solutions reserves the right to vary the programme syllabus at any time, without prior notification and without furnishing reasons therefore.

Innovative Learning Solutions has the right at its sole discretion to cancel any programme initially advertised, on the basis of insufficient demand.

The learner/applicant agrees that Innovative Learning Solutions reserves the right to cancel a learner’s registration without providing a reason for such cancellation.

In the event of a learner desiring to terminate studies, for any reason whatsoever, this shall not absolve the learner from full liability for the payment of fees and any other charges. Failure from the learner to complete a programme or make progress in a programme shall in no way entitle him/her of a reduction of fees or absolve responsibility of programme fees.

English proficiency is a requirement for study at Innovative Learning Solutions. All applicants must have attained a certain level of proficiency in English, preferably Grade 10 reading and writing skills.

5. Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to the ideas, inventions, creations and expressions of the human mind that are protected by law.

Intellectual property includes copyright, patents, registered designs, company’s rights and related know-how. Your rights and duties about intellectual property are described in the Innovative Learning Solutions Policy in Respect of the Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property (the IP policy), which is available on request, and forms a part of this agreement.

Innovative Learning Solutions’ policy is subject to change. If this contract contradicts the IP policy, the policy will apply.

You must respect Innovative Learning Solutions’ intellectual property and may not copy or share any work which belongs to the company. This includes all programme material such as class or study notes, videos, sound recordings, presentations, module frameworks, reading lists, summaries or other reading, all assessments such as tests, tutorials, examinations, assignments or model answers and all software, data and databases.

By signing this agreement, you assign to Innovative Learning Solutions all intellectual property rights in any work you create during your studies. This includes assignments, assessment scripts, personal class notes, summaries, posters, presentations, transcripts, recordings, software, hardware, data or databases or any other work created, adapted or amended by you. The intellectual property in these works belong to Innovative Learning Solutions and you may not share or allow others to copy or distribute these works or infringe the intellectual property rights of Innovative Learning Solutions in any manner.

You must avoid infringing the intellectual property rights of others, including third parties, and are responsible for obtaining permission to use, share or copy the work where necessary. You must take care to avoid committing plagiarism and must acknowledge the work or ideas of others. This applies to all material made available to you for the purpose of studying such as textbooks, podcasts, illustrations, online course material, presentations and/or any other teaching and learning aids.

6. Programme Fees

Programme Fees require upfront payment in full by the learner. No learner will be admitted for programmes unless full payment has been made at a minimum period of 2 (days) prior to the commencement of the programme.

7. Medical Accommodation

If a trainee requires Innovative Learning Solutions to arrange accommodation it is strictly payable upfront and no refund can be claimed if not utilised.

8. Medical Treatment

If you require emergency medical treatment and Innovative Learning Solutions arranges for medical assistance you must pay all costs relating to the treatment even if you could not give authorisation for the treatment.

The agreement is subject to acceptance by Innovative Learning Solutions. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the Parties.


The signing of this document serves as a declaration from you as the learner that, you agree and understand the terms and conditions laid out in this document. You further agree and acknowledge to comply with all rules, regulations, laws, policies and procedures of Innovative Learning Solutions, as well as its parent and sister companies. Failure to comply with all rules, regulations, laws, policies and procedures of Innovative Learning Solutions will result in disciplinary or litigation action taken by the company.